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5 New Crafts To Try In 2017

Crochet was my first love. I remember sitting in the back seat of my mother's car, her in the passenger's side, me behind the driver, and watching her fingers dance around a strand of yarn as she busily built a crochet classic, the granny square afghan. I was about 8 at the time, so of course, I had to ask, "Mommy, what are you doing?"
She handed me a hook, some yarn, and taught me how to crochet a granny square. Love, I tell you. Love in its purest form. I couldn't wait to get to my dad's house to show him what I'd learned. I spent years after tat perfecting the art, and I still crochet today. I crochet almost every single day! However, I'm an artist, not a just a crocheter. I'm a maker.
My love of crafts are many, and I know others that like to dance outside of the lines of just one craft. That's why I wanted to offer my suggestions for:

5 New Crafts To Try in 2017

1. Jewelry making

One of the first necklaces I made almost 6 years ago.
I still wear it for special occasions!

Making jewelry is my third crafting love. We'll get to the second in a minute. I don't wear a lot of jewelry these days. I'll get back around to it in the future, but right now I have too many tiny hands around pulling on earrings and yanking on anything that I might wear on my neck, but I still love to make jewelry. Shiny, sparkly (no glitter!), and stunning - it's so much fun to play with the beads, the colors, to twist the wires and to test the different clasps. There's a lot to this craft, and it can be pricey to start (check this out for all of the tools you'll need to begin). Also, if you're like many of us and have a yarn "problem" (psh, it's not a problem...) you will also have "problem" with beads. There's so many, they're so pretty, and they frequently go ON SALE! This is also a multifaceted craft ranging from the simple stringing of beads to the intricate art of wire wrapping gemstones or straight making chain mail. One of my intentions with jewelry making this year is to try out this awesome thing called Viking Knitting. Not to mention you can delve into beading other accessories like headbands! 

2. Looming

I get giddy when I watch someone weaving on a weaving loom. What I wouldn't give to have the time and space to create my own fabrics from the threads! Knitting looms like these, though, I've found are a fun way to bide my time while I pine for the tedium of an old school loom. "Knit Quick" is more than just an embellishment, I have to say. It is time consuming, but I love the fabric it creates. It's a great alternative to traditional knitting if you're one of those people that just can't seem to get the hang of operating needles in tandem. You can even make your own socks which is something I dislike doing in the medium of crochet. Sorry, they just feel more like slippers to me.

3. Knitting

Speaking of knitting, it;s my second crafting love! My 8th grade West Virginia History/English teacher taught me to knit during lunch. (She taught me in both subjects in the same year AND she was my homeroom teacher!) I ran into a bit of a bully problem during lunch that year, and she, being the amazing woman and educator that she was, offered her classroom to me as sanctuary. She even cleared it with the principal for me to eat in there! Together her, two other friends, and I all started the Barboursville Middle School Knitting Club. Yeah, I'm a founding member, and yes, I'd love a cookie ;) All you need is a ball of yarn and a pair of  knitting needles (go for a size 7 if you're buying one pair). If you're already a yarny crafter, you're halfway there! You can make anything with knitting that you can make with crochet, and if you're looking to add some high-dollar items to your business's shelves, here's your niche.

4. Felt Crafts

Felt crafting is not something I have endeavored on yet, but it's on my list of things to try out very soon. It's not just for daycare craft projects, everyone. I have seen a dear family member create sheer beauty with felt. You can make anything from iPad covers to activity books, and American Felt and Craft Blog would be a great place to start and look for inspiration. 

5. Sewing

In today's fast-paced and commercialized world sewing is beginning to join tatting as a lost art. We can't let this happen! Even if you only adopt it for sake of repairing your favorite clothes, please, take the time to learn this! I've fallen in love with the PBS show Sewing with Nancy, and have also taken to teaching my children who have all been very interested in learning. So far the oldest two have made their own pillows, and my oldest has made our dog a bed out of up-cycled blankets.

And my toddler has become very good at... Well, he's interested :D Personally, I've thoroughly enjoyed making our curtains, and repairing all of those pants and button-ups that would have otherwise been tossed, donated, or sat in a pile somewhere, unused. This is even a trade that, with practice and proper marketing, you could do at home to make an extra buck. 

If you're someone that subscribes to only one craft, I encourage you to extend your repertoire this year. Let me know what your favorite crafts are! What new crafts do you plan to add to your maker's arsenal this year?

May muses whisper to you always,
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