Saturday, February 4, 2017

DIY Up-Cycled Curtains

DIY Up-Cycled Curtains

A Great Beginner's Sewing Project!

When we first moved to our little suburban house from our tiny little apartment,  I was immediately overcome with the urge to nest! I was so excited about the new space, and I needed to make it our home. I wanted to start warming up the house with curtains. Now, I hadn't had the room to actually get out my sewing machine and give it a try while we lived in the apartment. Not to mention, at the time, I had a toddler, and anyone who has been around a newly walking baby knows they are in to EVERYTHING, even if it is a moving needle!

I pondered and pondered where to find cheap fabric that I could turn into curtains, tried to wrap my head around enough of the finer details to pin down a pattern in my head (pun totally intended), and one day, I wondered through one of my favorite little thrift shopping locations only to find a table full of super cheap decorative shower curtains in marvelous condition! Now, these were cloth decorative shower curtains, not the plastic ones that you use to keep the water from getting out of the tub. 

Here were these curtains, pre-made, and they had a strip of cloth at the top (that you would use for the shower rings) that had small holes in it. A stroke of genius hit me!

I could cut these shower curtains in half. Then, by cutting off the top strip, folding the cut top down, doing a quick sew across the top of the curtain making a little pocket for the curtain rod, I could get some good practice in with my sewing machine and get my curtains for part of the work and at a steep discount!

I didn't even have to toss the strip at the top - check this out:

In retrospect, I could have cleaned these strips up a little more, but I use them as the tie-backs for the curtains!

By using the tops as the tie-backs you don't have to worry about whether or not it's going to go with your curtains because it is, in fact, one with the curtain.

BONUS: There are some seriously cute shower curtains! I instantly fell in love with this dinosaur curtain and used it in our playroom.

Pair them with some awesome sheer curtains, and you could even make a tiny apartment look like a cozy little home!

What is your favorite DIY home decor project?

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